September 30, 2022

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Wiggly Bridge Distillery license entangled in York ME sewer price spat

YORK, Maine — Organization license renewals are commonly so mundane the town’s Board of Selectmen batches them up and approves them collectively with no much dialogue. Not so with the most current overview of Wiggly Bridge Distillery‘s license. 

When the product came up for dialogue this month, board customers faced an unconventional suggestion from the York Sewer District: to deny the distillery’s business enterprise license altogether.

In a letter dated June 9, YSD regulatory compliance manager Theresa Tucker said the board could deny the license below the standard provisions of the town’s enterprise license ordinance. The board need to deny the license, Tucker argued, mainly because the distillery has due to the fact July 2020 been out of compliance with the sewer district’s principles and restrictions. 

Joseph C. Siviski, an attorney representing the York Sewer District, struck a reassuring tone when he spoke through the board’s assembly Monday, June 21.