September 30, 2022

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Roundup of Taunton marijuana corporations that are obtaining started

TAUNTON — Just after decades of debate around the number of retail cannabis licenses the city will give out and fraught meetings with opportunity stores, Taunton is receiving close to acquiring its to start with retail marijuana store open. 

Whilst it really is unclear who will be the initial to truly open up their doorways to the community, since none have been specified their ultimate license from the point out, we do know which businesses have the inexperienced mild from the city and which have been stymied in their attempts to set up store. 

So considerably, 6 stores have been awarded a retail license from the city, and only two a lot more can be awarded. Correct now, only two other retail corporations have energetic Host Neighborhood Agreements (HCA), and are probably to turn into the previous two firms to be granted a license. 

Taunton has six retail marijuana businesses that have been approved for local licenses. These businesses are represented on this map by green plants. The city also has two retail marijuana businesses with active Host Community Agreements. These businesses are represented on this map by yellow plants. 

Two retail businesses have tried to open in the city but have been unsuccessful. These businesses are represented by red plants. Taunton has one marijuana delivery business which is up and running. It is represented on this map by a blue plant.

Retail cannabis shops

Commonwealth Alternate Care — Commonwealth Alternate Treatment was the 1st retail cannabis shop to be awarded a retail license by the Taunton Metropolis Council back again in October 2019. The shop experienced presently been marketing cannabis goods to people with a prescription since August 2018. 

Their area, at 30 Mozzone Blvd., has been authorized by the Council for cultivation, products manufacturing and retail.