September 30, 2022

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Letter to the Editor: Statistics and Ted Gaines

A single can interpret and report studies from possibly a good of adverse see. Ted Gaines’ Where by I Stand report indicates California is not recovering from the deadly pandemic as rapid as other states. But California has experienced the biggest job enhance of any condition (1.2 million employment) considering that January 1, 2021. Middle and significant-wage employment in California has mainly recovered and the major careers concern is that reduced-wage employment has not nevertheless recovered.

The principal reasons for this very low-wage unemployment is that we are recovering from a pandemic induced economic downturn and firms are not supplying livable wages. Staff members are unwell of performing their butts off for an insult of an hourly wage of $7.50/hour or less than $15/hour. Pay out men and women a good wage – you get a flood of staff.

Gaines thinks new business owners will help you save the day and magically make the needed work. It is not ‘new ideas’ as Gaines writes, but instead ‘courage, resolve, and difficult work’ and lists donut retailers, dry cleaners, and nail salons as illustrations.

Clearly he has in no way developed a organization or researched the matter. What it truly usually takes is inventing a new solution/company or acquiring a niche that is unfulfilled in a current market adopted by a organization prepare, attaining startup capital, and filing the important governmental paperwork to commence a legitimate business. Everyone would be in business enterprise for by themselves if it was so easy – it is not. Most modest company homeowners make very little for on their own for several years and numerous small corporations fail.


The very best way to attain employment in the Usa is for Republicans to sign on to President Biden’s first infrastructure costs that will make thousands and thousands of work. But Republicans do not want you to have a work and really don’t want Democratic Celebration to succeed, and are prepared to allow People endure.

And, what’s all this trash chat about California? So what if just one legislator said ‘good riddance’ to Musk? I agree, in fact. If Musk doesn’t want to spend his good share of taxes and abide by our polices – he is welcome to depart our excellent state. With sure States, it is a race to the base. They give away every little thing to get businesses, supplying reduced taxes, and handful of restrictions (if any) just so the executives and stockholders (and politicians) make a ton in revenue though the individuals and the atmosphere put up with.

Sorry, but getting rid of boundaries thru ‘…lower taxes, decrease fees, less stifling rules that bury them in paperwork’ is not the solution. And so what if ‘CEO Magazine’ costs California as ‘the worst location to do a business…’. Californians want a cleanse environment, with good taxation, and all needed polices to accomplish these prerequisites. I consider California does not fret about what a journal states as all they care about is producing guaranteed the executives make a ton of funds at every person else’s cost. Thinking about California has the fifth premier economic system, California governance is carrying out most points properly.

Do you remember how and why this excellent economic collapse happened in the very first position? Right – a Republican US President did completely nothing at all to tackle a lethal pandemic that killed 600,000 People in america and decimated our financial system. And, as often, America’s remaining wing need to clean up the Republican mess.


At last, can we dispense with the idea that everyone now days is a ‘hero’. For example, a hero is when a neighbor runs into a burning household and will save a baby or when a soldier storms a machinegun nest, risking their everyday living and can take it out. Business owners are not heroes rather they are merely attempting to make a living.

Mark Mihevc