September 26, 2022

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Bob Hunter’s journeys reveal Midwest’s prosperous record

“Incredible occasions transpired in areas the place we work, take in, perform and slumber,” writes Bob Hunter.

Hunter, a previous athletics columnist for The Dispatch, journeys to 59 of individuals places in “The Highway to Wapatomica,” which covers the region that in the 18th century was identified as the Northwest Territory, and which is now divided into Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and a very little little bit of Minnesota.

Since Europeans settled to start with, and most closely, in the area that would turn into Ohio, about half of the web sites Hunter explores are located in the point out. These contain, among numerous other folks, Marietta, Coshocton, Franklinton and Chillicothe, where by “historic markers sprout like dandelions all around its surprisingly nutritious downtown organization districts.”

For each and every of the internet sites, Hunter requires a take a look at, describing what the place or place looks like now, and then diving deep into its history.