September 30, 2022

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Amount Barber School in Canton encouraging students access a new job

CANTON – Rodney Dennis heard an announcer on the radio a person working day advise that doing what you love can guide to a successful vocation.

Dennis however about it and identified that he loved haircuts. He checked into barber school and discovered his enthusiasm.

Right after getting to be licensed as as barber, Dennis pursued certification to train other individuals the trade. In April, he set up Stages Barber University at 3008 Atlantic Blvd. NE in Canton.

Barber university:Levels in northeast Canton is a single of 16 barber schools in Ohio.

“It truly is a 2nd likelihood operation,” Dennis mentioned of the university. Learners will not need to have a significant school diploma, just a willingness to study. The faculty is open to anybody who started eighth grade.

Dennis figures he bought a second prospect and he should check out to assistance some others.